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Card draw game - 58 Effluences

58 Influence cards :

35 Emotions
12 Crystals
11 Flowers



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Card draw game - 58 Effluences


Out of stock

Les Effluences: lasting emotional power

The benefits of Effluences rival those of Bach Flowers or other flower or mineral elixirs, but with greater potency, unrivalled precision and impressive durability. The active ingredient does not wear off and remains effective for at least 5 years.


How do you use them?

The Effluences are worn as pendants, in contact with the skin, on the heart chakra, which corresponds to the middle of the breastbone. They should be worn for between 8 and 16 hours a day, but should not be worn at night. You need to wear them for at least 7 consecutive days for the full effects to be felt. Once this reset is complete, they can be used for just a few hours. 


Features and accessories

The glass capsule is topped by a stainless steel cap.
- Height: 35 mm
- Diameter: 7 mm
Comes with instructions for use and a choice of accessories: collar, organic cotton pouch or aluminium box.
The basic necklace is discreet, adjustable and fitted with a clasp, so you can change the capsule as you need it.


Enrich Your Effluence Collection

With 69 different Effluences references available, in pure emotions, flowers, crystals, prayers and mantrasExplore our complete range to find the positive emotions that suit you and will accompany you every day.


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