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The power of positive emotions

From useful to pleasurable

This pretty pendant is no ordinary piece of jewelleryWearing it will help you control your emotions and increase your energy.
your full potential.

Based on the principle of water memoryThe glass capsules contain encoded water containing the vibratory identities of pure emotions, brought to a very high dilution. They act on contact with the skin and can be worn as pendants.

In their standard dilution, the benefits of Effluences TM are similar to those sought by using Bach Flower Remedies or other mineral elixirs.

Killing two birds with one stone By imprinting positive information on the body, it reinforces a virtue that will have the implicit effect of dissolving the negative, restoring harmony and balance.

Through positive emotions, flowers and crystalsthe EffluencesTM catalogue is a unique and innovative tool for the
to reinforce all the emotional facets that it is useful to address for an individual.

Used successfully for years by the Lumen Care laboratory as a key to emotional unblocking in the deprogramming of physical sensitivities and intolerances, the EffluencesTM,
have proved to be effective for both light and deep emotional rebalancing.

Every day, choose one Effluence to carry with you, in contact with the skin,

and let it work, you'll be positively surprised by the result.

Regain your emotional balance

The advantages of Effluences

  • They can be loaned and endlessly reused 
  • They are worn as pendants 
  • They are not ingested or skin absorption 
  • They only interact with no other substance

You can put together your kit yourself or with the help of a Lumen Care practitioner.

Capsules fromEffluences are interchangeable on the same pendant. After integrating each capsule while wearing it at least 8 hours a day for 7 daysyou can then take a Effluences according to the mood of the moment, even for a few hours.

You can also wear several at the same time, up to a maximum of 5.



There are 58 Effluences divided into :

35 Emotions

11 Flowers

12 Crystals


Self-acceptance (E 01) > order
I accept my present, my origins, my past. I accept myself as I am. I love myself, I approve of myself.


Self-confidence (E 02) > order
Asserting yourself. To appreciate myself. I'm confident. I'm confident. I'm assertive. I'm proud of myself. I'm competent.


Joy (E 03) > order
I'm happy, joyful. Fulfilment. Lightness. Serenity. I let the joy wash over me.


Relaxing (E 04) > order
To relax. Let go. Relaxing. Relax.


Detachment (E 05) > order
I detach myself from my needs and desires. I stop identifying with my physical body, my emotions and my mental constructs.


Letting go (E 06) > order
I'm letting go. Supple. I'm in the present moment. I let it flow. I am here and now.


Patience (E 07) > order
I take my time. I'm calm. I wait for the right moment.


Will (E 08) > order
I have courage. I'm successful. Motivated. Persevering.


Kindness (E 09) > order
I have empathy. I am caring. I am tender. Compassionate. Gentleness. Indulgent.


Charm (E 10) > order
I'm charming. Seductive. Attractive. Charismatic.


Sorry (E 11) > order
I forgive myself. I forgive myself. I am forgiven. I apologise.


Taking your place (E 12) > order
I exist. I show myself as I am. I position myself. I deserve. To succeed.


Expressing yourself (E 13) > order
I free my speech. I untie my throat. I express my true feelings. I communicate. I know how to say no. I express who I am.


Love (E 14) > order
I love myself and I love. I am worthy of love.


Harmony (E 15) > order
Balance. I'm in tune. I remain centred within myself. I'm connected.


Optimism (E 16) > order
I have absolute and unshakeable faith in the future, in life. Everything that happens to me is for the greater good. Positive. Hope.


Peace (E 17) > order
I feel inner peace. I open my heart.


Trust in the Universe (E 18) > order
I have absolute and unshakeable faith in the universe. I trust life. I connect with abundance. Abundance. Life supports me.


Reception and Gratitude (E 19) > order
I receive. I welcome. I am grateful. I give thanks.


Listening to yourself (E 20) > order
I trust my intuition. I pay attention to myself. I stop trying to please others. I connect with my emotions.


Looking after yourself (E 21) > order
I love myself. I rest. I look after myself. Thinking about myself. Feeling good. Thinking about myself. Resting.


Respecting yourself (E 22) > order
I have the right to say "no". I have the right to say yes. I stand up for myself. I respect myself. I live by my values. When I say no, it's no.


Safety and Protection (E 23) > order
I protect myself. I'm safe. I'm out of danger.


Freedom and independence (E 24) > order
I am free. I decide. I recognise my difference. I am the author of my life. I am true to myself.


Freeing ourselves from allegiances (E 25) > order
I free myself from my need for recognition. I free myself from any allegiance to my community, my family, my religion, my tradition, my ancestors. I give myself the right to break with my lineage. I free myself from the past.


Accepting others (E 26) > order
I accept difference and diversity. I trust others. I respect others. Tolerance. I accept other people's limits and points of view.


Accepting failure (E 27) > order
I allow myself to ask for help. I do my best. I make allowances. I question myself.


Accepting change (E 28) > order
I accept and embrace change. I'm resilient. Everything that happens to me makes me grow. Every day is a new beginning. I'm flexible and mobile.


Content (E 29) > order
I free myself from all need to acquire and possess. I am fully satisfied with what I have. I accept what I'm given with joy. I have everything I need. I am fulfilled. Thank you for this.


Liability (E 30) > order
I can cope. I'm independent. Assume. Autonomy. Making choices. Taking charge of my life.


Silver (E 31) > order
I have the right to have money. I circulate money. I earn money. I trust the ebb and flow of money.


Sexuality (E 32) > order
I love sex. I connect with pleasure. I release my sexual desire. I'm comfortable with my sexuality.


Femininity (E 33) > order
I allow myself to be feminine. Gentle. Seductive. Sensitivity. Yin. Fertility.


Masculinity (E 34) > order
Courage. Strength. Masculinity. Protection. Yang. I impregnate.

Accepting the truth (E 34) > order
I accept and acknowledge the truth as it is. I acknowledge the facts faithfully. I am honest with myself. I seek the right truth.


Orchid (Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum ptiloglossum) (F 01) > order
Helps you connect with others. Helps you take a step back and see things more clearly.


Orchid (Orchidaceae Cynorkis verrucosa) (F 02) > order
Helps to calm and focus. Helps you centre yourself and reposition yourself.


Orchid (Orchidaceae Grammangis spectabilis) (F 03) > order
It helps us to understand things and situations. It invites us to see ourselves as we are.


Azalea (Rhododendron caucasicum Asteridae) (F 04) > order
Provides anchoring energy and inner strength. Promotes reconciliation


Lilies (Liliaceae Lilium) (F 05) > order
Allows discernment and understanding of higher values. Favours the will aspect.


Lotus (Nelumbo lutea) (F 06) > order
Helps to centre and focus. Promotes spiritual development Opens the door to the inner path.


Rose (Rosa Rosaceae) (F 07) > order
Exchange and dialogue with oneself and with others. Helps you to remain whole and intact in your relationship with the world, without forgetting or losing yourself. Effective against anxiety, stress and temporary depression.


Iris (Iris Iridaceae) (F 08) > order
Helps to free oneself from doubt. Strengthens perseverance, endurance and confidence. Consolidates the results of a major inner transformation.


Peony (Paeonia Paeoniaceae) (F 09) > order
Helps you rebuild your life after a setback or loss of focus. Allows you to change course and look to the future with serenity.


Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) (F 10) > order
Promotes the awakening and recognition of our personal qualities and abilities, and helps us to find the strength and determination to live them out.


St John's Wort (Hypericum Hypericaceae) (E 11) > order
Radiates an energy of peace and letting go in the present moment. Helps you to rediscover your zest for life and to fully develop your well-being after a period of imbalance.



Amethyst(C 01) > order
Enhances intuition and aids meditation. Stimulates the frontal and coronal chakras, known as the spiritual chakras. Opens the door to the divine.


Citrine (C 02) > order
Opens us up to the beauty and joy of life, and to protecting the earth around us. Develops our gentleness, in everything and for everyone.


Herkimer diamond (C 03) > order
Dissolves our shadows by transmitting pure light. The aura, spirit and soul are brighter, protected from negative influences. Brings us back to unity.


Emerald (C 04) > order
Self-healing forces in all bodies. Feeling of a new beginning. Deep feelings of love, hope, healing and wisdom. Creates a space for meditation, harmonising the heart chakra.


Olivine (Peridot, Chrysolite) (C 05) > order
Helps us to recognise our higher self. Increases clairvoyance. Aids creative visualisation and healing meditations. Helps to clarify states of confusion and insecurity.


Rose Quartz (C 06) > order
Opens the door to beauty, to a new and higher facet of love. Supports the process of opening up, sharing and trusting. Artistic inspiration and universal love.


Ruby (C 07) > order
Connects you to Mother Earth and brings you back into balance. Inspiration and perception of divine love. Delivers true transformation.


Aquamarine (C 08) > order
Contact with the higher self. Strengthens intuition. Allows even regeneration, aligns the chakras and aura. In meditation, opens up communication with your soul and the higher planes.


Agathe (C 09) > order
Develops clairvoyance. Helps peaceful concentration. Stabilises the aura, eliminates and transforms negative energies.


Lapis Lazuli (C 10) > order
Releases blockages, protects against negativity and enhances helpfulness and kindness. Helps us remember our dreams and understand their messages. Clarifies the mind, stimulates clairvoyance and introspection.


Blue Sapphire (C 11) > order
Inhales and soothes. Helps with fear and promotes sleep. Clarifies thoughts, reinforces compassion and peace of mind.


Blue Topaz (C 12) > order
Promotes creativity and inspiration. Calms and clarifies the mind. Encourages spiritual effort and tolerance.


Supporting the transformation

Lumen Care practitioners offer consultations to help you with deep-seated emotional problems. After defining an objective together and using specific dilutions known as "transmutation", a mixture ofEffluences encoded can be made for you. You can find a directory of Vibrational Reinformation practitioners on our website.

8 theme packs available

Boxes of 10 or 5 capsules ofEffluencesTM including an aluminium storage box and a single pendant:

Questions frequent

What are the contraindications to these elixirs?

There are absolutely NO contraindications.

Can I use the Effluences if I'm undergoing treatment?

Yes, even if you are undergoing allopathic treatment, this does not interfere with the Effluences. These intervene on a vibratory level, so on a totally different plane.

Can elixirs be used by children or pregnant women?

Yes, once again there are no contraindications or risks of side-effects, even for younger people or pregnant women. 

What is the difference between an Effluence and a Lumen Care vibratory re-information treatment?

As its name suggests, the aim of a Reinformation treatment is to work in depth on the body, to leave a lasting imprint of information. A Effluence is encoded at a lower vibratory level, with a resonance limited in time. Its sole purpose is to maintain a vibratory environment and it can be used without any constraints.

How long will it take for me to see the effects?

The effects of Effluences are almost immediate, as they immediately "resonate" with your body. For a deep impact on your emotional state, expect to wear them for at least 3 to 5 days.

How long do the effects of Effluences ?

It depends on the contact time. Their resonance will continue for a while after you stop wearing it.
That's why we recommend that when you use a Effluence for the first time, wear it for several hours a day for a week. The vibration will remain active for 1 to 2 months, depending on the wearer.

What precautions should be taken when storing capsules?

As these are informed at vibratory level, they should not be placed next to devices that emit waves, such as a mobile phone in the middle of a call or at high light levels. 
It is advisable to run them under running water from time to time to cleanse them energetically.
You can then use them as much as you like for years to come.

Do I have another question?

You can contact us using the dedicated form:  

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