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Lumen Care Laboratory is a French laboratory created in 2016 by Olivier Coen, creator of the Lumen Care method.

Lumen Care Laboratory's mission is to provide natural and holistic health solutions that are as effective and accessible as possible.

The name comes from the word "care" in English, and "lumen" light in Latin. In a way, it's the idea of being able to heal through light, or at least a vibratory form that comes close.

Former allergy sufferer, Olivier Coena researcher in energy therapies, has succeeded, after years of perseverance, in developing the Lumen Care method for deprogramming sensitivities and intolerances. This method is now practised and taught in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.

Lumen Care Laboratory specialises in the development and manufacture of innovative products to improve health and well-being. Specialising in alternative, energetic and informational therapies, we develop intelligent, easy-to-use energy healing devices for a variety of advanced therapeutic applications that can be used by clients at home or by healthcare professionals.

The products developed by Lumen Care are essentially based on water memory and contact homeopathy. Some tools simply use shape waves.

Lumen Care creates its own tools and has already developed a patent for a light-based water encoding device, the Lumedy remedy makerThis is controlled by the software used to create care capsules and monitor customers, Verbatim.

Lumen Care Laboratory trains therapists in its method and supports them in their day-to-day practice. The laboratory also supplies test kits and customised treatment capsules.

Lumen Care is :

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