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Regain power over your emotions

Thanks to the power of positive emotions

Capsules of " contact homeopathy™ "Very high dilution for everyday wear

Les émotions



Découvrez nos Effluences sur les émotions

Les cristaux



Découvrez nos Effluences sur les cristaux

Les fleurs



Découvrez nos Effluences sur les fleurs

Prières et mantras



Découvrez nos Effluences sur les prières et mantras

Les parcours thématiques



Découvrez nos Parcours d'Effluences par lot de 5 ou de 10

What are Effluences?

Call on the magic within you

This pretty pendant is no ordinary piece of jewellery. Wearing it will help you to master your emotions and realise your full potential.

Based on the principle of the memory of water, the glass capsules contain encoded water containing the vibratory identities of pure emotions, brought to very high dilution. They act on contact with the skin and can be worn as pendants.

In their standard dilution, the benefits of Effluences are similar to those sought by using Bach Flowers or other mineral elixirs.

This kills two birds with one stone: by imprinting positive information on the body, it reinforces a virtue that will have the implicit effect of dissolving the negative, so that harmony and balance are restored.

Using positive emotions, flowers and crystals, the Effluences catalogue is a unique and comprehensive tool for reinforcing all the emotional facets that it is useful to address for an individual.

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